RIP, Iran: Could the Regime Fall?

Michael Rubin
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    The Western Press and political pundits failed to read the people's mood before the Shia Islamic revolution of Iran that led to the downfall of the Shah. The same mistake is being repeated. One has just to read the news of the increasing number of political prisoners now held in prisons in Iran, over 50% inflation, the out of control corruption with even the brother of the evil lying President of Iran given a light prison sentence for his involvement in $ billions of embezzlement of people monies and the setup is being repeated for the regime to be removed and its leaders brought before an international court of justice for crimes committed against humanity.
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    This exactly what the 80 million Iranians in Iran want--regime change, now.
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    Baha Abhari
    Same old propaganda.
    Wish there was even an attempt to understand Iran.

    Reality is that Iran has advanced technologies that could bring down "Global Hawk".
    It did bring down RQ170 without any damage and reverse engineered it.
    Something that Hawks in Washington could not have imagined it after forty years of technology and economic sanctions.
    Iranians are our best partners in the Middle East peace, only if we could understand and respect their sovereignty. We just have to set aside our traditional allies (Israeli & Suadi) propaganda and think about the larger picture.
    The only regional power that has influence from Lebanon to Syria to Yemen, all the way to Africa is Iran, not our allies.
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    The Islamic Republic will never fall on its own, nor the Iranian people are anti-regime protesters by nature. Historically, the regime change in Iran happened by the following means:

    1- Either the ruling power has to abdicated
    2- A foreign invasion occurred
    3 A coup by an intrepid military general from within.
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    All nations eventually fall, some take longer than others. The first attack on Iran by the USA occurred in 1953 when we and the British engineered a coup which overthrew their newly elected prime minister and installed a dictator. We won't stop destabilizing the Middle East and supporting dictators until the world moves away from fossil fuel.
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    Not our National Interest. The only interest in Iran we should have is to see that the Islamist Extremist Jihadist and their Mullahs, Clerics and Imams along with their precious Not So Supreme Leader, aka the Ayatollah(s) are defeated and removed from their thrones and palaces. And then to see that it falls into the hands of the people. The Iranians can handle their own tyrants and dictators. That's if they really do want their freedoms. They're not fighting for their freedoms hard enough. Put a little effort in it, if you want to win it. And don't back down when you've made some ground. You're all fighting for your lives. Now act like it.
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    Since the US is self sufficient in Energy, please leave the Middle East and bring our troops home as promised. We are not invited in Syria and asked to leave Iraq as well.Are we the strong arm of the corporations that hardly pay their fair taxes?
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    "Catastrophic for Regional security..." That's where I quit reading.
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    Iran has been around for 2500 years. No matter what Israel wishes, it will be around for another 2500 years because it has strong roots.
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    Intriguing that anyone could whitewash Washingtonian intrigues in the Middle East. By "U.S. diplomacy with rogue regimes and terrorist groups" one would've expected that to refer to the American administration's constant meddling in the affairs pf the Middle East. Iran may have her faults but certainly the American meddling supersede any shortcoming that they may be. Eight from the days of the Shah, the Mossadiq CIA instigated and supported coup, the instigated Iraqi war and the constant blowing of the Sunni/Shi'ite divide.
    No amount of pressure can permanently enslave a people as the Trump administration now is experimenting with after abrogating the JCPOA treaty just to mess up and accelerate the arms sales to the U.S.' Allied Sunni Tribal Arabs.