Rise Of The Dad-chelor Party: Why Baby Showers For Men Are Trending

The Dad-chelor Party is becoming a thing according to Pinterest [Photo: Rex]

Becoming a new parent is guaranteed to alter your life forever, whether you’re a new mum or dad. So it makes sense that an increasing number of men are getting in on the trend for baby showers, with ‘Dad-chelor parties’ trending on Pinterest.

Pre-baby parties with traditionally male themes are on the rise according to statistics from Pinterest in 2015, showing that searches for the term “man showers” increased by 149%. While the term “co-ed showers” (for men and women) saw an increase of 255%. 

Beer and diaper showers are now a thing [Photo: Etsy/Pinterest]

While posters emblazoned with slogans like “Beer, Dudes and Diapers” and “Dady Baby-Q” can be found on Pinterest, some dads are taking a much more low-key approach to pre-baby parties - minus any themed decoys. 

Of his motives for a guys’-only baby shower, one dad-to-be named Jon told Mashable "It was a good excuse to get all of my friends together before my ‘availability’ becomes a little more limited. We talked, drank beer and ate food.”

His group hired out a restaurant for the celebration.

“There’s a lot of 'American’ tradition around bridal showers and baby showers for women, so it was nice to put something on the calendar for my friends,” he explained.

“I’m sure a lot of other men would enjoy the same. Some of my guy friends who are now parents had planned something similar (like a gathering or a weekend trip with their friends).”

So, do you think Dad-chelor showers and joint baby showers for men and women will take off in the UK too? Tell us @YahooStyleUK.

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