Rising cost of Egypt's national dish causes concern

STORY: Some fear Egypt’s national

dish is becoming too costly

Locator: Cairo, Egypt

'Koshari' is made using

pasta, rice, and lentils

It’s normally an inexpensive meal

consumed by millions of Egyptians every day

(Ahmed Mohamed Almasry, customer)

"It is the meal of the people, no one in Egypt can give up on Koshari.”

But prices are up due

to the war in Ukraine

It’s led to concern among

those who buy and sell the meal

(Mahmud Amr, customer)

"Of course, it is going to make a difference. If I'm someone from the lower class and I was used to eating Koshari five times a week, now I'll have to only eat Koshari three times or twice a week. So of course, it will have an impact. Higher social classes will also be impacted, it's all relative, because at the end of the day, it is our national dish, the dish that anyone with a few pounds can buy at any time, so if its price rises drastically, it'll be a problem that everyone will feel."