Rising Sun Briefly Closed I-70 Near Denver Tuesday

The sun's angle, surrounding terrain and the highway configuration all combine on some days to create a blinding sun glare in the foothills west of Denver.

Video Transcript

- Right back to that traffic alert we just told you about. There is a closure on I-70, so what's going on McKenzie?

- Yeah, good morning. So we're having some issues with sun glare this morning. We just had an accident eastbound I-70 pop up at Brighton Boulevard could be likely due to that sun glare. Because we know that CDOT has closed I-70 eastbound near Floyd Hill because the sun glare is just so bad in that area. It's dangerous for drivers. So, if you are heading eastbound on I-70 through the High Country do be aware of this closure its likely temporary, but again just posing a big danger for drivers out there.

- All right, Mackenzie. Thanks for the heads up.