Risk of new attacks after Russia receives more Iranian drones, Kyiv warns

Natalia Humeniuk
Natalia Humeniuk

"Given the additional support from Iran and the supplementary units delivered to the launch points, there's a significant likelihood of missile attacks — both purely Shahed and a combination of 'missile-Shahed’ ones," said Humeniuk.

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She also noted that Russia has increased its naval presence in the Black Sea, likely in preparation to using sea-launched cruise missiles in forthcoming attaks.

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Russia launched 11 ballistic and cruise missiles on Ukraine in the morning on May 29. All of them were shot down over Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast.

It was the second attack of the day and the 16th attack in a month on Kyiv by the Russians.

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Debris from the intercepted missiles fell in several capital's districts. A person was injured and taken to hospital due to the attack, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported.

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