River songs: the UNM Art Museum invites the public to engage with the Rio Grande through sound

Mar. 26—Discover the sounds of the river in the University of New Mexico Art Museum's (203 Cornell Drive NE, Albuquerque, 505-277-4001, artmuseum.unm.edu) web-based sound installation, There Must Be Other Names For The River. Discover the history of the Río Grande, its future, the environmental issues affecting its health, and its long-term relationship with the people who depend on it. The virtual exhibition was created by artists Marisa Demarco, Dylan McLaughlin, and Jessica Zeglin and includes songs by vocalists Antonia Montoya, Ryan Dennison, and Kenneth Cornell. The score for each song is based on data collected over a 50-year period on water flow at specific points along the Río Grande's 1,800-mile length. The museum invites the public to engage with a virtual community space where they can submit their own songs, stories, or memories about the river. The sound installation is ongoing (artmuseum.unm.edu/exhibition/river). Join the artists and singers for a free Zoom webinar about the project at 4 p.m. on Friday, March 26. artmuseum.unm.edu