Riverside's 'oldest living general' celebrates 107th birthday

Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Harry Goldsworthy of Riverside, believed to be the country's oldest living general, recently celebrated his 107th birthday.

Video Transcript

- Hundreds gathering in Riverside today to celebrate the 107th birthday of the man lovingly referred to as the oldest living general. Retired US Air Force Lieutenant General Harry Goldsworthy got the party going in style riding in on a motorcycle driven by a member of the So Cal Patriot Guard Riders. Goldsworthy received a military honor guard tribute and certificate of appreciation for his service to our country and it turns out his wit and charm have only gotten better with age.

HARRY GOLDSWORTHY: I get asked all the time, what did you do to live so long. And I tell them I think it's just God's will and sometimes I wonder whether he's rewarding me or punishing me.


- Man, he's in great shape. Happy birthday. Goldsworthy told us separately his secret to a long life is to take a shot of vodka every night before bed.

- All right. Good advice.