RMV Inspection Sticker Issues Leave Mass. Drivers, Auto Shops Frustrated

WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

Video Transcript

PAULA EBBEN: New at 5:30, no end in sight for the problems with the RMV's car inspection system. Good evening, everybody. I'm Paula Ebben.

LISA HUGHES: And I'm Lisa Hughes. On March 30, a malware attack targeted the computer system that processes the inspections. The vendor sent out a patch to service stations, but as WBZ's Bill Shields shows us, the system is still down.

BILL SHIELDS: To drive a car in this state, you've got to deal with a ton of regulations. And this is one of them, yearly inspection stickers. But try getting one right now.

- Just come by next week. Hopefully, it's up and running by next week.

BILL SHIELDS: At McKenzie Motors in Brighton, a technician was working feverishly with the registry's software company to get the inspection system online.

- Optical was already checked.

BILL SHIELDS: But it was a no-go. And Brittany Irish just moved to Massachusetts and needs a state inspection sticker.

BRTTANY IRISH: Yeah, I mean, I'd like to get it done. I just registered my car in the state. So I'm just looking to get everything in order. Just to get it out of the way.

BILL SHIELDS: But if drivers are put out, inspection stations are out of valuable customers and dollars. And the mechanics are spending valuable time answering phones.

KEN MACKENZIE: It's been very slow with the inspection business, but very busy on the phone explaining it.

BILL SHIELDS: But there's also the domino effect.

KEN MACKENZIE: The inspection business does bring in business, and it keeps us very, very busy.

BILL SHIELDS: Every shop that does inspections had to buy all new equipment to match the software in the computer system. Now it's not working, and when? Maybe next week. In Brighton, I'm Bill Shields "WBZ News."