People Can’t Believe This RNC Tweet About Donald Trump’s Priorities Isn’t A Parody

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Twitter users did a double-take Friday at a thread from the Republican National Committee which laid out some of President Donald Trump’s priorities for a second term.

Critics rounded on the RNC over one of its posts which declared the importance to the president of establishing a “permanent manned presence on the moon” and sending the first “manned mission to Mars.”

Some detractors mockingly translated or reimagined the priorities.

Others recalled Trump’s past broken promises and his catastrophic mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“So completely and totally out of touch,” responded the activist and actor Alyssa Milano.

Added “Star Trek” legend George Takei: “OMG this isn’t a parody.”

“American Pickle” star Seth Rogen, meanwhile, was rather less diplomatic with his reply: “Who in the fuck gives a flying fuck about putting motherfuckers on The Moon and Mars?”


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