Road rage driver douses child, others with bear spray in car, California police say

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When two drivers got into a road rage altercation, one reached for the bear spray, California police said.

Drivers on Pacific Coast Highway started yelling at each other June 14 during a road rage incident, the Seal Beach Police Department said. One of the drivers, who was unidentified by police, turned off the highway to create distance between them.

The other driver, 43-year-old Marcus Kelley, followed the other driver off the highway and pulled up next to the car, police said. Police said Kelley then sprayed the driver and the driver’s car with bear spray.

“The suspect in the other vehicle allegedly pulled up next to the victims and sprayed the driver and the victim’s car with bear spray,” police said in a Wednesday news release. “The victim’s vehicle windows were down and the spray entered the passenger compartment of the vehicle.”

Three people were inside the car, including one child, police said. Officers who responded to the incident also were affected by the spray.

Bear spray can be extremely irritating for people, police said. It causes a person’s eyes, nose and lungs to swell and become irritated, according to Bear Smart. It can take up to 20 minutes before someone feels relief, and people sometimes need medical care.

Everyone who was inside the car received some medical attention, police said.

Kelley was arrested Sunday on charges of assault and battery, unlawful use of pepper spray and felony child endangerment.

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