Road To Reopening: More Signs This Memorial Day That Life Is Getting Back To Normal

CBS4's Femi Redwood reports from New York's Time Square.

Video Transcript

- And the road to reopening. There are more signs this Memorial Day that life is getting back to normal as the number of vaccinated Americans increases and the number of new COVID cases decreases. CBS 4 Femi Redwood reports from New York's Times Square where they are getting ready to smile again.

FEMI REDWOOD: Pennsylvania became the latest state on Monday to lift nearly all its COVID restrictions. Restaurants, bars entertainment venues, and gyms can now operate at full capacity with no limitations.

- It's wonderful. Our staff is rebuilt also. We come in from a staff of about 10 or 12 servers down to about three after the closures ended. And we will rebuilt to about 10 servers now.

FEMI REDWOOD: One of the many signs of recovery across the country, the TSA says it screened more than seven million passengers since Thursday. The travel rush comes as new COVID cases decline to under 13,000 nationwide, the lowest amount in more than a year, and that's as over half of all Americans are now at least partially vaccinated.

In New York City, Carolines on Broadway reopened to the public for the first time since the pandemic.

- Our live venues and performances are back. And it also means jobs are back.

FEMI REDWOOD: And so are fans, in addition to its regular shows, Carolines is also offering vaccinated-only shows. Its most recent one, sold out.

- People are excited. And they want to have a good time. They want to laugh, they want to forget about all the stuff. And they sort of come to us because, you know, listen, we're not doctors, but we are giving them the medicine of laughter.

FEMI REDWOOD: But even amid the signs of progress, there's concerns over a variant detected in Vietnam.

- The data today it looked like it's more infectious and divides more rapidly. I think, all of the data point to the fact that it will be susceptible to the vaccines, which is very, very positive.

FEMI REDWOOD: Health experts say the more the world gets vaccinated, the fewer variants there will be. Femi Redwood, CBS News, New York.

- Well, scientists say the variant that was detected in Vietnam is a mix of the strains first detected in the United Kingdom and India.