Roadside Memorial For Fatal New Year's Day Victims Vandalized

CBS4's Bobeth Yates shares the details.

Video Transcript

- Now at 7:00, a memorial vandalized. The roadside tribute to four victims killed in a car crash on New Year's Eve destroyed by someone who filmed his actions and posted it on social media.

The desecration happened after the person who police say caused the crash, 16-year-old Alex Garcia, turned himself in.

- Tonight, as the suspect remains in juvenile detention, loved ones gathered at the memorial to honor the four victims. CBS4's Bobeth Yates joins us live from the scene in West Miami-Dade with more. Bobeth?

BOBETH YATES: That's right. Family of friends of those four victims killed in that New Year's Eve crash once again gathering in their honor. But as you mentioned, this vigil comes as the desecration of that roadside vigil, or roadside memorial. But these victims have cleaned it all up and have placed a new items in their honor.


Take a look at this horrific video posted on social media. You can see someone destroying a roadside memorial at the intersection of West Flagler street and 79th Avenue. The suspect stomping on pictures, even urinating on the sides.

- I feel terrible. I think that person has mental issues. Whoever did that has mental problems.

- This West Miami resident did not want to share his name, but he's one of several people who visited the location Wednesday. But unlike others, he did not know the victims but said he felt compelled to honor them.

- They're not coming back. The people they lost are not coming back. But they need to work on so it won't happen again.

BOBETH YATES: Florida Highway Patrol says 16-year-old Alex Garcia is responsible for the crash and he had both marijuana and alcohol in his system at the time of the incident, which killed Yuhlia Barzaga, her boyfriend, Christian Mohip, and their friends, Andreas Zacarias and Jenser Salazar.

Now, it's important to note that social media account that posted that horrific video has been removed and that post has been taken down.

Also want to mention that the [? Aldinas ?] family have sent us a message saying that they are so thankful to law enforcement for their efforts, and they're looking forward to this process making its way through the court system.

Live in West Miami-Dade, Bobeth Yates, CBS4 News.