Roadways Submerged After Flash Flooding Hits Nevada Town

Heavy rainfall left many roadways in Pahrump, Nevada, submerged under floodwater on July 26, as the Nye County Sheriff’s office cautioned residents to “get off the roads”.

On Monday afternoon, the Nye County offices said they were closed due to heavy flooding at various government facilities and advised drivers to avoid Highway 160, Calvada Boulevard, Dandelion Street and Homestead Road.

This video, taken by Karlinda Geiler, shows cars attempting to drive down State Route 160, with utility poles floating in the flooded water.

“When I turned onto the road, the water wasn’t that deep,” Geiler said. “By the time I realized it was that bad, I couldn’t turn around. The water rose within a few minutes,” she added. Credit: Karlinda Geiler via Storyful