Huge fissure opens on Hawaiian volcano; some defy evacuation order

By Terray Sylvester
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    Can't wait to see the Farmer's Insurance commercial with this volcano.
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    The Hawaiian islands were formed by volcanos, so look at the bright side ... they're simply expanding.
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    Melting pot
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    If the reports are accurate it appears that there is more water entering the system which is bad news for the folks living in that locale. New vents with more off gassing imply ground water contact, which can create explosive conditions
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    If you choose to live on a volcano, this is a very good possibility!
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    Dr Venture
    Who would have thought that living on an active volcano would result in having to live with volcano-related problems?
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    John doe
    Hawaii isn’t meant to last forever. It sits on a vent and the island is moving along it which causes it to create new vents. The old islands will eventually be swallowed up by water and the big island many many years from now will no longer be over the vent. However a new island will form. Th pacific plate moves northwest
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    Madame Pele is in charge. Respect.
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    I thought they were talking about the Kardashians when I first glanced at the headline.
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    How awesome it would be to hear