Robbery crew busted after terrorizing delis and gas stations in Brooklyn and Queens

Police have arrested members of a robbery crew who have been terrorizing delis and gas stations in Brooklyn and Queens for nearly a month, cops said Tuesday.

Reginald Williams, 23, Dewquan Cooper, 22 and Calvin Scantlebury, 39, were busted for their roles in the robberies, which stretch back to Oct. 30, according to NYPD Chief of Department James Essig.

They targeted 15 total spots — 11 in Queens and the rest in Brooklyn — he added.

Each time, two of the men donned ski masks, walked into the deli or gas station and flashed guns and demanded cash, lottery tickets and packs of Newport cigarettes.

The men were arrested after they robbed a Gulf gas station on the corner of Skillman Ave. and 39th St. in Sunnyside, Brooklyn, on Sunday, cops said.

They strong-armed $1,700 from the store and drove off in a blue 2007 Nissan Maxima.

When police pulled the car over, a gun was recovered inside.

Essig said the men were robbing stores wherever they could.

“That’s what’s driving our robberies throughout the city, crews like this,” he said.