Robbery of rapper’s necklace led to Queens revenge killing: feds

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A Queens gangbanger has been arrested in the shooting death of a rival over the theft of a rapper’s gold necklace, authorities said Thursday.

Though law enforcement officials did not name the recording artist, his status was important enough to at least one of his loyalists to kill a man who bragged about snatching a chain from the rapper’s neck, according to the FBI.

Agents said Christopher Acevedo, 26, a reputed member of the Wood City street gang shot and killed David Hutchinson, an alleged member of the rival SNOW Gang on Aug. 26, 2019, in a drive-by shooting on a Springfield Gardens street.

Hours earlier, the rapper’s chain was stolen at gunpoint outside a recording studio in Hillside, officials said. The thieves added insult to injury with video posted on social media bragging about the crime, according to court records.

Acevedo and his partners, who have close ties to the rapper, went out in their BMW at around 3 p.m. looking to settle the score, agents said. They came upon Hutchinson and his crew in a Dodge Charger parked along Springfield Blvd. Hutchinson was behind the wheel, and one of his associates was in the backseat — wearing the stolen necklace, officials said.

“A review of surveillance camera footage reveals that, approximately 30 seconds after the white Dodge Charger parked, a white BMW vehicle pulled alongside the white Dodge Charger,” according to a criminal complaint. “The driver of the BMW can be observed on video leaning across the front passenger seat of the BMW and firing a semiautomatic weapon into the Dodge Charger’s front driver’s seat, where Hutchinson was located.”

Prosecutors said the gunman discharged at least 11 shots before the BMW driver sped off.

Cops found Hutchinson unconscious in the front driver’s seat of the Charger. Hutchinson, who sustained three gunshot wounds, including one to the torso, was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where he died.

Investigators using video from another surveillance camera obtained a partial license-plate number from the shooter’s vehicle, and determined the car was registered to Acevedo’s mother. Officials said Acevedo’s girlfriend and another friend hid the car on Long Island.

Acevedo was arrested four months later after cell phone records were used to place him on Long Island near where the car was hidden, just hours after the shooting, officials said.

Acevedo is charged with murder in aid of racketeering, which prosecutors said could result in a death penalty if he is convicted. He was scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon.

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