Is Robert Kraft Criticizing Bill Belichick for Failing to Build Around Tom Brady?

Curtis believes that Robert Kraft's comments on how Tom Brady's final season with the Patriots ended could be a slight dig at the way Bill Belichick acts as a GM.

Video Transcript

- Why does it always have to be that it ended in an acrimonious, angry way, Curtis?

- Well, I believe, if you listen to the parties talk about this, I think Tom was deeply hurt that Bill didn't do anything to show him that he wanted him back or believe that he could play till 45. But I do believe that we're talking too much about Brady in relation to yesterday, where I think Kraft really took some shots at Bill talking about the drafting, talking about all the money they had to spend. And I believe that Kraft saying that, look at how his final season ended, and from-- that Ken talked about during his lead is more about Belichick not surrounding Brady with enough talent that year, and that no matter what, even a guy like Brady on our roster in 2020 wouldn't have made much of a difference, which is what he's been saying all along. So I think his comments yesterday were always going to be trying to figure out-- myself included-- what it means for Brady and Bill. But I think yesterday, you heard, for the first time I can really remember, Robert Kraft being slightly critical of the team-building that Belichick did.