Mueller Needs To 'Finish The Job,' Former Justice Department Official Says

A former deputy attorney general in George H.W. Bush’s administration says special counsel Robert Mueller should spell out exactly what he thinks about the findings of his investigation.

“Anyone who has carefully read Volume II of the Mueller report knows that it offers a very readable account of repeated acts by the president carefully tailored to interfere with and disrupt the investigation and that it offers an enormous amount of evidence to substantiate its narrative,” Donald Ayer wrote in an essay published Saturday in The Atlantic.

Ayer, who has worked with Mueller, described him as a man with an “extraordinary commitment to values” as well as a “rule follower, a model of rectitude and reserve.” Ayer said these traits don’t appear to be serving Mueller well in the political scrum with President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr.

During a press conference last May, Mueller tried to steer the political narrative back to his report, which detailed the conclusions made during his investigation into accusations of obstruction justice by Trump. But Mueller’s work is not yet done.

“He needs to be more direct about what the investigation found,” Ayer wrote.

Mueller will have another chance to articulate his findings when he testifies on July 24 before the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees. Ayer urged Mueller to use those hearings to offer his professional judgment on the legal significance of the facts he has found.

“It is the only way he can finish the job, and the country’s future depends on it,” Ayer said. 

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