Robert Tonyan breaks down Aaron Rodgers' Packers future and Jordan Love

USA TODAY Sports' Mackenzie Salmon talks to Packers tight end Robert Tonyan about Packers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love.

Video Transcript

MACKENZIE SALMON: I want your help in decoding this message from Aaron. After the game, he said there was a lot of uncertainty about the future of some of the guys, including himself. How did you interpret this message?

ROBERT TONYAN: I think it's just-- that's just the NFL, and I think he was just being honest with how the NFL actually works. And the fans aren't really used to that. And it is a business. And just as he saw last year in the draft, you know, things happen.

We have a lot of talented players that need to be rewarded. The best thing is we can bring everyone back, and everyone's happy, and we can go at it again. But that's not the reality of it, and I think he was just kind of being real. And it caught some people off-guard.

MACKENZIE SALMON: No one has gotten to see Jordan Love since we didn't have a preseason. And you've seen him, obviously, at practice. I want to know, what do you see in his game that makes you think he could be the future of Green Bay if that day does come?

ROBERT TONYAN: When he gets in the huddle, he has confidence. He's good with the mental aspect of it. The playbook, he picks up on it well. He's doing well on scout team, and he's a good locker room guy for sure.