Robertson: Priorities Are Local Projects, Coronavirus Recovery

Christopher Huffaker
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TEWKSBURY, MA — State Rep. Dave Robertson said he plans to focus on local building projects and the coronavirus recovery in his second term, after his re-election in the 19th Middlesex District race, Tuesday.

Robertson won by over 12 points, Tuesday, expanding on the 8-point margin he had in a three-way race in 2018. He had a majority of the vote in both the district's towns, Tewksbury and Wilmington.

Robertson focused his campaign heavily on local issues like fixing Route 38, while his opponent, Alec DiFruscia, attempted to tie him to the left wing of the Democratic Party. Robertson ran ahead of the Democrat at the top of the ticket in both towns, winning 58.8 percent in the Wilmington precincts to Biden's 53.3, and 54.0 percent in the Tewksbury precincts to Biden's 51.5 percent.

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Alongside the Route 38 work, Wilmington's senior center and fire station projects are among Robertson's focuses for his second term, he said.

"We don't want to overwhelm taxpayers with them," Robertson said. "We'll work with the local officials, iron out a plan, and figure out what we can do to subsidize them."

Alongside the local projects, the coronavirus and its economic effects remain top issues. In addition to keeping the virus under control, that means ensuring there aren't cuts to local government aid from the state, Robertson said.

"We need to make sure, next year, the town manager's don't have to figure out police and fire cuts," the representative said.

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This article originally appeared on the Tewksbury Patch