Robin DiAngelo Advises People of Color to ‘Get Away from White People’

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Robin DiAngelo, the author of the bestselling antiracist book, White Fragility, insisted that racial minorities should separate themselves from white Americans.

“People of color need to get away from White people and have some community with each other,” DiAngelo chuckled during a webinar entitled, “Racial Justice: The Next Frontier,” hosted on March 1.

Later on in the panel discussion, DiAngelo went on to suggest that people who do not concede to antiracist teachings do not belong in modern workforces.

“In 2023, we have to see the ability to engage in these conversations with some nuance and some skill as a basic qualification and if you can’t do that, you’re just simply not qualified in today’s workplace,” DiAngelo said as the panel of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) consultants nodded in agreement.

“What I want to do is create a culture that actually spits out those who are resistant,” DiAngelo added.

The once-obscure American academic rocketed to fame in recent years after coining the term “White Fragility” in 2011 to describe, in DiAngelo’s own words, “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.”

Oxford Dictionary shortlisted the word in 2017.

The following year DiAngelo wrote a book of the same name, which spent nearly three years on the New York Times bestseller list and became popular following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020. During this time she began charging as much as $15,000 for speaking engagements.

Among the book’s most highlighted sections for readers, according to Amazon, include passages such as: “People of color may also hold prejudices and discriminate against white people, but they lack the social and institutional power that transforms their prejudice and discrimination into racism; the impact of their prejudice on whites is temporary and contextual.”

Another is: “It is white people’s responsibility to be less fragile; people of color don’t need to twist themselves into knots trying to navigate us as painlessly as possible.”

Since White Fragility, DiAngelo has published a version of the book aimed at “Young Adults” and, more recently, a Facilitator’s Guide for White Affinity Groups exclusively aimed at coaching groups of white people through antiracism training.

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