The robot fighting loneliness in the elderly

CareClever presented its latest version of the Cutii companion robot this week at the virtual Consumer Electronic Show (CES), normally held in-person in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The robot - whose height varies between 1.2m (47 inches) and 1.45m (57 inches) depending whether it's sitting or standing - is designed based on three pillars: social link, assistance, and companion robot, said CareClever CEO and founder Antoine Bataille.

The company designed and built the robot specifically for seniors. It proposes activities such as yoga, nature walks, quizzes, uses voice recognition, offers video calls and messaging via its WiFi connection, and features games and music - all viewable and playable from its touch screen.

Among its AI features is the ability to adapt to its senior companion's behaviors as well as the ability to learn the living space, moving within the room to keep the person company or to return to its charging station, which is generally overnight. Senior robotics engineer Luis Parada said that depending on how frequently Cutii is used, it may require additional charging during the day.

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