Robot glues eyelash extensions

Luum in Oakland, California, created a robot that can apply eyelash extensions on humans. The machine works alongside a professional lash artist to make the custom-eyelash-extension process quicker. The lash artist preps your lashes by cleaning, then applying under-eye and eyelid patches that have barcodes on them for the machine to read. One robot works to isolate each lash while the second robot picks the extensions, dips them into glue, and puts them on the isolated lash. The robot's hands are lightweight and will simply fall off if the client touches them. It can apply 25 lashes on each eye, and the lash artist applies the rest in the end to customize the look. The price is not yet finalized, but Luum is hoping the robotic technology and speed can set the prices lower than the average price of lash extensions. Insider's Caroline Aghajanian reviewed this service for a discounted media rate.