Rochelle Humes talks body confidence as she poses nude on cover of Women's Health

Olivia Petter

Rochelle Humes has spoken out about how motherhood has boosted her body confidence as she poses nude on the cover of Women’s Health.

The singer and TV presenter, who has two daughters with husband Marvin Humes, explained how she’s happier with her body now than ever before.

“I don’t really care about what people think any more,” Humes told the publication as she stars on the cover of its annual “Naked Issue”.

“And I’m so happy with my body, because now I know what it can do. I’m in a happy place, so why the hell not? Stretch marks and all, here I am.”

Humes revealed how she’s taught her six-year-old daughter Alaia-May to embrace her naturally curly hair, which the child initially resented because it didn’t look like her friends’ hair.

“Alaia began saying that she didn’t like her naturally curly hair, because it wasn’t straight and swishy like her friends’ or the princesses’ in the books she read,” Humes told the publication.

“I was like, ‘Well, you know mummy has curly hair’, and she was like, ‘No you don’t’. I realised that she had never known me to have curly hair…And now Alaia loves her curls!”

(Women’s Health UK/Ian Harrison)

It’s not the first time Humes has spoken out body image. In October 2017, the former singer revealed how she was once told to lose weight by a member of The Saturdays’ management team.

Humes made the revelation while speaking to Giovanna Fletcher on her podcast Happy Mum, Happy Baby, explaining how the comment exacerbated insecurities about the way she looked.

“I remember my old management telling me when I met Marvin that I’d put weight on. Telling me that I needed to go on a diet and I remember thinking ‘oh’.”

Humes continued: “I was in a girl band with teeny tiny people. I was already taller than them and you always feel bigger don’t you.

(Women’s Health UK/Ian Harrison)

“But now I look back and think if I could have shook you younger self, you were great. What I would do to look like that now."

The September issue of Women’s Health, featuring Rochelle Humes, is on sale Tuesday 6 August.