Rochester man pleads guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault charge

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Jun. 11—A Rochester man will likely receive a stay of adjudication after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor domestic assault charge.

Ryan Michael Evans, 41, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Olmsted County District Court to misdemeanor domestic assault-commits act to cause fear of immediate bodily harm.

As a result of the plea, a felony charge of stalking and a second misdemeanor domestic assault charge will likely be dismissed at sentencing.

A guilty plea was not entered in court records as Evans will likely receive a stay of adjudication. He is expected to be sentenced to two years of supervised probation. That hearing will occur in about six months. If Evans would successfully complete the terms of a probationary sentence, the misdemeanor charge he pleaded guilty to would be dismissed and a conviction would not appear on his record.

As part of the plea, Evans admitted that on Nov. 28, 2020, he had a "escalated argument" with a woman known to him and raised his voice in a way that was intended to cause fear of immediate bodily harm.

At the time of the incident, Evans was a Rochester Public Schools employee and was listed on the Minnesota State High School League's John Marshall page as the choir director. He was placed on non-disciplinary leave while the district completed its own investigation. The leave and the investigation remain ongoing, according to Rochester Public Schools spokeswoman Heather Nessler.

While Evans awaits sentencing, he has been ordered to do a number of things, including complete a domestic violence inventory and enter programming as directed and have no threatening or assaultive behavior.

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