New 'Rock the Kasbah' Trailer: Bill Murray's Music Manager Loses a Singer, Finds a Potential "Star"

Director Barry Levinson’s latest comedy, Rock the Kasbah, stars Bill Murray as Richie Lanz — a rock manager past his prime. To prove to everyone, including himself, that he’s still in the game, he takes a singer, played by Zooey Deschanel, on tour in Afghanistan.

The tour requires more than a Humvee and body armor after Deschanel bails, but the show must go on. Murray goes in search of a replacement singer, leading him accidentally to discover Salima (Leem Lubany).

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Murray describes Salima as the best he’s ever heard — but she’s forbidden to sing. The two embark on a treacherous road to fame on Afghan Star — the Afghanistan equivalent of American Idol.

Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson and Danny McBride round out the cast. Rock the Kasbah hits theaters on Oct. 23.

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Check out the trailer below.