Rockets lose CEO Tad Brown after 20 years in Houston

Clutch City is out of playoff contention and now deeper into transition with its latest departure.

Video Transcript

- Well, let's get to some breaking news. Now, big breaking news out of the Rocket's front office. CEO Tad Brown says, it's time to say goodbye, and here we go again.

- Here we go. Sports director Greg Bailey is here with more on that decision. Greg, we're just kind of blown away by the number of people leaving the Rockets operation.

- It has been a time of incredible change for the Rockets organization, and that does continue today. The CEO Tad Brown just told us, he is stepping down from his role. He will leave the organization at the end of the current season. Tad Brown, says, quite frankly, after 20 years, it is time to move on.

You think about that kind of run with the Rockets organization. Brown put that into some perspective for us. He said, he joined the Rockets within a week of Yao Ming joining the team.

That's been a long time ago. The last 15 years as CEO, again, the transition under the new ownership with Tillman Fertitta continues. Brown mentioned that he has been friends with Tilman Fertitta for a number of years. Their children, in his eyes, kind of grew up together, considers Tillman to be a mentor.

But the time is now for Tad Brown to leave the Rockets organization. The incredible changes continue. Mike D'Antoni, James Harden, complete turnover of that roster. They have gone from an annual contender in the Western Conference, now, to the worst team in the NBA. It is a time of incredible change, and that continues today. Tad Brown, announcing his departure stepping down at the end of the current season.