A Rocklin Project With A Purpose

It was a fun-filled day for Valley View Elementary students in Rocklin as some took in a new place to play at the school's new sensory garden – and it was built by an Eagle Scout and former student.

Video Transcript

- A Rocklin teen is helping special needs students transition back to school. CBS13'S Ryan Hill shows us his Eagle Scout project with a purpose.

RYAN HILL: It's a fun filled day for these Valley View Elementary students in Rocklin. Students-- including kids in the school's special day classes-- are taking in a new place to play.

ALOYSIUS PELLY: I would best describe a sensory garden as a garden that best incorporates all five different senses. I designed it to be especially stimulating and safe for them and everyone at school.

RYAN HILL: This is Aloysius Pelly, a Rocklin high school Eagle Scout who had the seeds planted in his mind to build this sensory garden after seeing what the garden used to look like.

ALOYSIUS PELLY: I thought it would be good to rebuild what once was a derelict and unused garden into a new one that kids would be able to enjoy.

RYAN HILL: The project built at a place he knows well. His former principal and parents showering him with praise for his dedication to give students with some form of special needs, and others, an outlet at school.

SHARI ANDERSON: It's very important to get a break from class and to come out and to engage your senses. It's really a nice break for students.

ANGELINE ZUCKER: That really touches my heart because with my son some people may not realize that if he's having some type of-- I don't want to call a sensory attack, whatsoever-- but just he's going through something, things like this. They try to tell us to kind of cope with this, let them touch something. Let them smell something. Let them do something different.

RYAN HILL: As students come back to school to learn, develop, and play it brings joy to this Eagle Scout to know that they're getting a chance to blossom again after a year spent at home.

ALOYSIUS PELLY: We worked really hard on this project and I'm glad that kids are being able to make good use of it.

- What a nice job. Aloysius came up with the idea in July, and set it up last week.