The Rock's '90s Turtleneck Is the Easiest and Best Halloween Costume

Photo credit: Amazon; Instagram @therock
Photo credit: Amazon; Instagram @therock

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is good at everything. Sports? Check. Movies? Check. Looking like a dork in somehow the coolest way possible? Check.

The Rock sent the internet aflame when he Instagrammed an old-school picture of himself looking serious as hell while wearing an extremely '90s outfit: black turtleneck tucked into jeans, topped with a chain necklace and fanny pack. The man has no shame, as he should not, and we're thankful for it. He posted the photo of him in the '90s back in 2014 and as of 2020, we aren't sick of it yet. It's a glorious sight to behold.

Its timeless humor and easily replicated aesthetic makes The Rock's turtleneck look the perfect halloween costume. All you really need is that classic black turtleneck and some accessories to make it work. If you don't already own a simple black turtleneck, it's high time you invested in one anyway. So consider this the perfect excuse to not just invest in any turtleneck, but The Rock's turtleneck look and channel him this Halloween.

Look for something lightweight and breathable, so you can wear it throughout the fall on its own and layer it in the winter. Bonus points if it's less than $35.

The turtleneck is the staple here, of course, and nothing makes a Halloween costume more accessible than by including a shirt you should already own. The finishing touches are all in the details.

First, the jeans are light wash and sit high. The belt is black with silver hardware. All of the jewelry accessories will also be silver: Absolutely go for the chain around the neck, but you can also go harder with a chainlink bracelet and watch (one for each wrist), too.

Take a cue from Kevin Hart's play on the look from last year.

See? Still good.

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