Rocky Day for Stocks, Apple Takes a Hit

Stocks continue to slide this Tuesday afternoon, continuing the morning trend while Apple also took a hit after unveiling new products.

Video Transcript


OLIVIA VOZNENKO: It is a rocky day for US stocks with the Dow falling nearly 300 points. Shares of Apple are also falling nearly 2% after their first debut in a very long time of new products. Haven't seen that in a while.

Let's take a look at how the forex is shaping up before we hit that bell. The pound is under pressure. That's our focus.

Short positions below 140.10 favored, targets at 139.05, and 138.65 an extension. Now the euro-dollar is under pressure. But the dollar-yens upside prevails. Let's take a look at how crypto is doing after that crazy run up that we've seen over the week.

The upside prevails as long as 55,000 to 68 is support. And gold is under consolidation. Short positions below 1,780 favored. Targets at 1,759 and 1,752 an extension. Follow trading central on Twitter for all of your forex market updates. For trading central web TV, I'm Olivia Voz.