Rodeo Drive Shops open for vendors not at show to sell products

We may not be able to enjoy RodeoHouston in person, but you can still buy from your favorite vendors. Here's how.

Video Transcript

- All right, so this is a really great idea. And you know, we're all bummed that we can't go to the rodeo in person this year because they canceled the events due to the pandemic. But rodeo organizers got creative and last fall came up with the idea to allow food and retail vendors who you would typically see while walking around the rodeo, allow them to sell their products online.

So you can go online to the Rodeo Drive Shops site. It's part of the Houston rodeo site. And there you can search the different vendors, and you can buy stuff by contacting them or just visiting their website. All the information those vendors have submitted to RodeoHouston. So we have put a link if you're interested in checking it out right here on