Rodgers tries play-call wristband at Packers practice

One thing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has yet to do in his distinguished career is wear a wristband with the play calls on it during a game.

That may change on Sunday.

After Green Bay scored 10 points in its season-opening win against the Chicago Bears on Sept. 5 in Matt LaFleur's head coaching debut, the Packers on Friday had Rodgers try a wristband containing a cheat sheet for the play calls at practice in an effort to get the information relayed more quickly.

The team has spent the week talking about tempo being a reason for its struggles in the 10-3 win over the Bears.

"It gets (the play) out of my mouth a lot faster, I'll tell you that much," LaFleur told reporters Friday. "So yeah, maybe it helps me get him the play a little bit quicker."

Though LaFleur would not say whether Rodgers will wear the wristband this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, the fact the team is trying it is noteworthy in that this is Rodgers first season since becoming a starter in 2008 that he is not in Mike McCarthy's offense.

The Packers fired McCarthy last December.

"We do have some long calls in the plan -- that's just the way the offense is," Rodgers said Wednesday of LaFleur's plays. "There's a number of checks for different plays. It's getting that call in and repeating it and going out there and trying to execute as quickly as possible. The great thing about this offense and the communication is we had a great debrief Monday and Tuesday about everything. We made some subtle changes to hopefully help with some of that tempo."

Rodgers threw for 203 yards and a touchdown in the win in Chicago. The Vikings also won in Week 1, adding some weight to Sunday's game in Green Bay.

--Field Level Media