Rodney Garner details Tyler Baron during fall camp

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Tennessee practiced for the seventh time during fall training camp Monday at Haslam Field ahead of the 2022 season.

Following practice, defensive line coach Rodney Garner discussed junior defensive lineman and linebacker Tyler Baron.

“I do think Tyler has gotten better,” Garner said. “He’s been more consistent. I would say starting this spring, he’s practiced more than he’s ever practiced before, and so, you would think by being out there on the field and working every day, then that you’re going to improve, and we’ve seen improvement from him.

“He has to continue to improve on the little things. When we’re sitting there watching the film, if you’re going to be a true edge rusher, you can’t put two hands on the tackle. I mean, he’s got to learn to rush with one hand, be able to flip his hips and be able to turn the corner. He has to stop making himself short by turning and putting two hands on the guy, now he’s not creating any pass rush, so he has to work on the little things to get better and to take his game to that next level. He is buying into it, he’s being more coachable. I’m looking forward to him continuing to improve.”

Story originally appeared on Vols Wire