Rogers County Adult Day Care receives ARPA funds

Jun. 6—County Commissioners approved $55,127.62 in American Rescue Plan Act funds to be awarded to the Rogers County Adult Day Care in Monday's regular meeting.

The Adult Day Care will receive $30,700 for a new air-conditioning system and $24,427.62 to replace its flooring. The awarded amount is contingent on RCADC making their System for Award Management number visible. The SAM number is a federal identification given to those who receive federal grants. A representative from Grand Gateway said this step shouldn't delay the process for RCADC.

District II Commissioner Steve Hendrix said the application was heard at the regular meeting because of its time-sensitive nature.

"With the heat of the summer fast approaching, we thought it might be a good idea to move this to the front of the line and put this up for consideration," Hendrix said.

RCADC Director Wanda Inman said the flooring is the same flooring from the restaurant previously housed in the building. She said it is at least 30 years old and has become a trip hazard for the centers clients.

"It's a trip hazard so we have some of it duck taped down so they wont get tripped up," Inman said. "We are excited because in our computer room some of the tiles are coming up."

Inman said the center will be closed for one day to replace the flooring, but which day has yet to be determined. RCADC serves about 33 clients a day, with the number of clients increasing since COVID-19.

District I Commissioner Dan DeLozier said the RCADC request would greatly benefit the centers operations.

"Adult day care serves such a good purpose at what they do, they definitely need the air conditioning and the floor," DeLozier said.

Inman said she is grateful for the commissioners consideration.

"Thank you so much because with the pandemic, we had to close," Inman said. "Now, we are just really growing so this will just be a blessing."

The approval brings the total number of ARPA funds awarded to so far to $5,032,831.06. Hendrix said the funds awarded is similar to what has been approved for other non-profits.

"It certainly falls in with the other non-for-profits that we have already approved," Hendrix said.

Commissioners also amended the amount of ARPA funds designated for Rogers County Emergency Services from $765,440.50 to $769,440.50. The additional $4,000 comes from a math error during the last special meeting on May 26, Hendrix said.