Rogers Park gardener displays corpse flower in rare bloom

A Rogers Park gardener is giving his neighbors something to talk about: He has a pungent corpse flower in full bloom.

Video Transcript

- Talk about a smelly neighbor. A gardener out in Rogers Park displaying a blooming amorphophallus titanium in his front yard. So it's commonly known as a corpse flower for the smell it puts out when it blooms, and normally see flowers like this in a botanical center. So by the way our photographer, Steven Borke, who shot this video, telling us this particular corpse flower really lives up to its name. It was a stinky assignment for Steve.

- Steven, yes, getting the odiferous assignment for that.

- Nice.

- Yeah. But that's a rare bloom, apparently. I mean, it doesn't happen very frequently.

- Didn't know it was that easy to do that.

- There you go.

- Take it outside when it starts stinking.

- Well, if it does feel like spring. You know, flowers blooming, sunshine, nice temperatures.

- Hey Larry.

- Yeah those neighbors better not open up their windows this weekend without flower out there, but