Rogue Hostage: Confession Time

Single father and former Marine Kyle Snowden (Tyrese Gibson) must save his daughter and other hostages from a dangerous criminal who has trapped them inside a neighborhood store owned by Kyle’s polarizing stepfather, Congressman Sam Nelson (John Malkovich).

Video Transcript

- It's confession time, congressman.

- What? Confess what?

- We want you to look into that camera and tell the world that you framed your business partner.

- I don't have a business partner.

- You admit to what you did or all these people die.

- I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Tell us about Luther Rays.

- Luther Rays? Jesus-- he embezzled money from me. I hadn't thought about that loser in 20 years.

- What are you doing?

- Sparks, look, just think about my daughter.

- I can't risk him getting killed.

- Stop! Sparks, no!

- Back up!

- Come on. Come on. You want to blow this place up?