• d
    dream weaver
    Did I miss it? How is the paste made?
  • N
    No politics
    It doesn’t look bad. But please don’t let the Kardashian’s see this. They will turn it into fashion and you will see dummies applying all kinds of stuff on their faces to copy the look
  • O
  • Y
    Yeah Baby
    And this is news WHY?
  • A
    Auntie Depressant
    This story about homemade Rohingya sunscreen has been on my newsfeed for 3 days now. Enough already.
  • J
    Jack Burton
    Just. Stay. Over. There.
  • G
    A bigger question would be, why are all these teen and pre-teen girls heavily made up? Is it the season for marrying them off to the highest bidder? Does Muckhamid need another 12 year old bride?
  • V
    We have something similar in the US, it’s called the money shot.
  • g
    They picked the fight.
  • D
    Cool story...