Rolaids R-E-T-U-R-N-S to US after 3-year hiatus

Rolaids Ultra Strength

The once ubiquitous heartburn treatment Rolaids is heading back to American shelves after damaging recalls ended in a hiatus of nearly three years.

Rolaids will be sold in traditional tablets and there is also a new liquid form as well, French drug maker Sanofi said Monday. A new "Ultra Strength" version also is available.

Johnson & Johnson recalled the antacids in the United States in December 2010, because wood and metal particles were potentially introduced into the products during the manufacturing process at an outside supplier. A recall earlier in the year was put into effect after customers complained of a musty or moldy scent that could cause nausea or stomach pain.

Sanofi had said in January that it planned to relaunch Rolaids after its Chattem consumer health business acquired the brand from J&J.

Heartburn occurs when the opening between the stomach and the esophagus malfunctions, allowing stomach acid to enter the esophagus.

U.S.-traded shares of Sanofi climbed 18 cents to $48.14 Monday at the market open.

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