Rollercoaster Of Emotions For Sunset High After Championship Game Almost Canceled Over COVID

CBS4's Peter D'Oench shares the details.

Video Transcript

- More right now on the pandemic here in South Florida. Some local high school athletes are crying foul about their called off postseason.

- Team members and coaches from one school say their playoff game was canceled because of two positive players on another team, but they say that team was still allowed to play. CBS 4's Peter D'Oench. Now live with a brand new update on that game, all new at 6:00. Peter.

PETER D'OENCH: Well, Lauren, we can tell you that Miami Sunset Senior High School has one of its best basketball teams ever. There were high hopes about the playoffs. But a key regional championship game was canceled. And now, as of this afternoon, though, it's back on.

- Oh, what a finish by Miami Sunset. Wow, 22. That was a tough layup.

PETER D'OENCH: This victory against LaSalle High School for Sunset's basketball team dressed in white came down to the very end.

- Miami Sunset wins it in overtime. 59-57. You see them celebrating on the court. Big win for Miami Sunset as they win the district championship.

PETER D'OENCH: That second district championship in Sunset's history was supposed to enable the team to host Edison High School in the Class 4A regional quarterfinals last week, until Sunset received bad news tied to LaSalle players.

VINCENT SUAREZ: Two kids from LaSalle had tested positive for COVID, so that means we had to quarantine and we couldn't play in our quarterfinal. Meaning that-- and, because of that, since it can't be postponed, that our season would end that day.

PETER D'OENCH: Isaiah Marga was heartbroken.

ISAIAH MARGA: Yeah, I feel devastated because us and the team, we've been working all year. Been working since the summer. That before the school year, we've just been working. We were working every single day, and we were just shunned of our opportunity to play.

PETER D'OENCH: Fellow team member Vinny Suarez was told their game against Edison could not be postponed.

VINCENT SUAREZ: I was genuinely really sad for the first couple of days. I mean, it's still-- it still hits hard. Like I just-- it's hard to believe that it's over. We were doing so good. And it's just-- it's over like that. Like we didn't even get a chance to play.

PETER D'OENCH: But all that changed Monday afternoon when it was announced the game between Sunset and Miami Edison would be played this week.

ISAIAH MARGA: I'm happy. We worked so hard all year, and now we're gonna be able to get our chance like we wanted to. So all the boys are happy, as well. So we're just ready to come in Wednesday and just play our best ball.

I just want to thank mainly all the parents for coming out and just showing support, just making sure that we get an extra chance, like another chance at this. Because we all deserve it.

PETER D'OENCH: Well, Isaiah Marha's father Joe is overjoyed too. The game is on for 7:00 this Wednesday night here at Miami Sunset Senior High School. Meanwhile, all along the school district said it had been closely following CDC guidelines. We're live in southwest Miami-Dade, Peter D'Oench, CBS 4 News.