Rolls-Royce reveals giant hybrid mining truck concept

·1 min read

And you thought a Rolls-Royce SUV was weird.

Rolls-Royce plc – which we'll clarify is a separate entity from the luxury car brand -- has revealed a hybrid mining truck powertrain it is developing in partnership with Indiana-based Flanders Electric.

The concept is aimed at reducing the fuel consumption and emissions of the 20-foot-tall dumpers by 30%.

The setup isn't unlike that found in hybrid cars and trucks and effectively replaces a 16-cylinder diesel engine with a smaller 12-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor and battery pack, which can recoup charge as the vehicle is braking.

The 1,560 horsepower project falls under the MTU brand, which is owned by Rolls-Royce and already offers a hybrid solution for trains.

Both it and Flanders are focused on powertrain design and supply them to commercial vehicle manufacturers.

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