Roman Catholic Funeral Mass Held In Denver After Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley's Death

A Roman Catholic funeral Mass was being celebrated Monday for a Boulder police officer shot and killed after rushing into a grocery store where a gunman had opened fire.

Video Transcript

- Today there was a funeral mass for Boulder police officer Eric Talley. Officer Talley died in the mass shooting inside that Boulder supermarket one week ago. CBS 4's Kelly Werthmann in the CBS and Denver studio right now. And Kelly, the officer has been described as a man who had a very strong faith.

KELLY WERTHMANN: Jim, when his family requested a private mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception here in downtown Denver, the church says they began preparing immediately. The traditional Solemn High Requiem Mass began at noon today with a limited number of people allowed inside. But thousands tuned in online to be part of the service.

The archbishop of Denver was in attendance as well, as well as officers from around the state. They also lined up outside the cathedral, here you can see in a show of support. Father James Jackson explained the significance of the High Requiem Mass during his sermon today.

JAMES JACKSON: The traditional [INAUDIBLE] requiem does not judge. It does not say in the text or the sermon that Eric was a saint or saintly or in heaven. It does not say in the text or the sermon that he was bad or evil or in hell. It says simply he was a human being affected by original sin in need of salvation and was offered salvation by Christ. We cannot know if he received that salvation, although there are many, many signs that he did. And the greatest of those, perhaps, is how he died.

KELLY WERTHMANN: Well, Boulder police Officer Talley died after leading a team inside the grocery store within 30 seconds of arriving at the active shooter scene. Tomorrow, the Flatirons Community Church will host the public memorial service for the fallen officer, and we will stream it live on CBS in Denver and