Romania reports record jump in coronavirus cases

Orthodox priest Bogdan Teleanu, wearing a face mask, and volunteers carrying crates of lit candles while dressed in protective suits, head to the surrounding streets to bring holy light to people celebrating Orthodox Easter

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - The number of new coronavirus infections in Romania has risen by 1,713 in the past day, a record high, taking the cumulative total to 107,011 cases, the government said on Wednesday.

Since the outbreak came to light in February, 4,285 people have died and about 50,000 recovered.

President Klaus Iohannis ordered a strict lockdown across the country of 20 million in March and while restrictions have been eased, masks have been compulsory in public transport and indoor public spaces since May 15.

About a third of cases have been concentrated in four areas - the capital Bucharest, Transylvania's medieval city of Brasov and in the counties of Arges and Prahova.

The spikes have been among Europe's fastest, together with Spain, France, Malta, Croatia and the Czech Republic, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

The government reopened schools for 2.8 million children on Monday after a six-month closure, ordering pupils to wear face masks.

It scheduled a ballot to elect about 3,000 mayors across the country, under strict health and safety rules, on Sept. 27.

(Reporting by Radu Marinas; Editing by Janet Lawrence)