Romania states Russian attacks on Odesa Oblast did not pose threat to country

The Ministry of Defence of Romania has condemned new Russian attacks on the port infrastructure of Ukraine in Odesa Oblast.

Source: European Pravda, referring to the press service of the Roman Defence Ministry

Quote: "The Ministry of National Defence decisively states that these attacks on the civilian facilities and infrastructure in Ukraine are unjustified and deeply contradict the norms of international humanitarian law."

At the same time, the Romanian Defence Ministry is monitoring the situation and states that Russian attacks do not pose a threat to Romania.

"The Ministry of National Defence continues to conduct the measures of enhanced vigilance in the ground, sea and air space, as well as the measures of strengthening the defence and deterrence on the eastern flank," the ministry added.

Background: On the night of 2-3 September, the Russians attacked the south of Odesa Oblast with 25 Shahed-136/131 strike drones.

The Air Force of Ukraine destroyed 22 drones. The Russians struck port infrastructure, which resulted in a fire that was promptly put out by the firefighters. Two civilians were injured.

Maia Sandu, President of Moldova, condemned Russian attacks on Odesa Oblast.

The Reni Port is located on the Ukrainian border with Romania, not far from the border with Moldova.

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