Romanian Government Announces MOU of Civil Society Organisation to Aid UN Millennium Development Goals

SACCEA, ROMANIA--(Marketwired - Jan 4, 2014) - Mayor Anastase MORARU of Isaccea township in Tulcea County and the Romanian Ministry of Justice signed as government authority witnesses to the memorandum of understanding between ECCO2 Global Partners, Romanian non-governmental organisations, and international private sectors, collective known as Romania New Millennium Civil Society Organisation.

H.E. Cary Lee Peterson, Executive Chairman of the Romania New Millennium Civil Society Organisation tells the press that the organisation was established to create robust and sustainable solutions to offer 'a better life, a better medium, a better
for Romanians.

The programme details of the civil society organisation are to develop and deploy projects that support education, social development, employment opportunities, agriculture, climate change, social and medical tourism, human rights, anti-corruption, and international trading within the Free Trade Zones of Tulcea County, with motives and plans to support U.N. Millennium Development Goals and enhance the Member State's gross national product.

Civil Society Members and Affiliates of the Memorandum of Understanding are as follows:

The civil society organisation Chairperson, Cary Lee Peterson comments, "We [the civil society] is ecstatic to announce the launch this new programme that will broaden awareness and opportunities in Romania, that can be observed and reflected by others private and public sectors in Eastern Europe and the European Union."

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