Will Romeo Doubs become a real fantasy threat in Green Bay? | Fantasy Football Forecast

In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Matt Harmon and Andy Behrens break down the outlook for Green Bay Packers WR Romeo Doubs for the 2022 season, and debate if he will make a fantasy impact this season.

Video Transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: The next guy on my list is somebody who like you probably do have to draft based on everything that we've seen, everything that we've heard from camps. So far it's Romeo Doubs, who is, again, he's a guy who, like your Twitter feed is full of his name almost every day. It's the Pacheco situation.

He is not the rookie that we necessarily-- like if any rookie was going to break out in Green Bay, we did not think it would be him. We thought it would be Christian Watson. But he's, you know, he's been dinged.

And, man, Doubs has really-- has really taken full advantage of the situation. Like he strikes me as a grenade player because I'm, you know, I'm one of those people that's drafting Allen Lazard-- maybe I'm the only one for all I know-- but I'm one of those guys who's drafting Allen Lazard as--


MATT HARMON: There's a few of you on that. There's a few of you on that island.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, yeah, I feel like it's an island that is gaining in population. For a while, it was just me and Dave Kluge. But now it's, you know, now I feel like it's grown. We've got some infrastructure on the island. Now we've got a couple of restaurants. So that's good. It's growing. But Allen Lazard--

MATT HARMON: Might even make a two lane road instead of a one lane road.

ANDY BEHRENS: Exactly, exactly. You know, it was a situation where like I just thought Lazard was virtually guaranteed to be the number one here, no question about it, like Rodgers continually talks him up. And I still think that's likely. But I also couldn't, you know, I didn't want to make any promises about Lazard's actual talent level beyond his size and his rapport with Rodgers.

Like that's what I liked about him. It's not like I think he's Davante Adams. It's not like I think he can possibly become Davante Adams.

Like Doubs seems pretty talented. It seems like a pretty great separator. He is not, you know, he's not-- he's not like 6'4" or 6'5", but he's big. You know, he's, I think he's 6'2", something like that, really, you know, multiple really solid college seasons for this guy. So, again, he's making all kinds of noise at Packers camp.

And Rodgers is talking him up too, like not like a full-throated endorsement, but you wouldn't really expect that from Rodgers in any rookie. And it is extremely rare for-- and maybe it's unprecedented for a rookie season to really pop, for a rookie receiver to really pop with Rodgers. But he's talking him up. And they obviously have a need. And if you had any plans whatsoever for Watson for Watkins, you can pretty much toss those out now. Because I think it's pretty clearly this guy and Lazard.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, it's pretty exciting. And he definitely has a chance to toss a grenade on the beaches of your island there for the Allen Lazard thing if he really does have that breakout rookie season. So that's definitely a good call and somebody we've talked about a lot.