Romney Campaign Acquires a Ryan URL

Adam Mazmanian

Thanks to one generous college student, Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is taking control of a domain name related to vice presidential pick Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

Matt McKnight, an Ohio University sophomore and Romney supporter who reserved several Internet domains related to Ryan after his choice as Romney's running mate made news, said he was contacted by a member of Romney's digital team after news of his efforts was published in National Journal and elsewhere.

On Wednesday morning, McKnight transferred the domain to the Romney campaign. The Romney camp promised McKnight special access at an Ohio campaign event in appreciation of his generosity, the student said in an e-mail. McKnight is retaining control of, and plans to keep it blank.

In related news, the domain squatters controlling the URL raised the stakes in a bid to sell the domain name. They posted a picture of the candidates and a link purporting to go to Romney's tax returns. The subsequent page has the text "file not found," and offers a contact for sale inquiries.