Romney campaign teased for misspelling ‘America’ on iPhone app

Holly Bensur - The Daily Caller

Amercia is the new America — according to Mitt Romney’s new iPhone app that is.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s app developers made the major mistake of misspelling the name of our nation.

The app “lets you customize photos with a variety of Mitt-inspired artistic frames.” Mottos include “Believe in America,” “I’m a Mom for Mitt” and “Obama Isn’t Working.”

The error caught the attention of social media users on Twitter and Tumblr. Some took advantage of the opportunity and used the app to make fun of the GOP nominee.

The “Amercia Is With Mitt!” Tumblr account used pictures of other misspelling situations and used the artwork for some extra emphasis. Some of these mockeries include an award for Romney and his family misspelling their own name.

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Romney campaign teased for misspelling 'America' on iPhone app

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