Ron Paul Suddenly Doesn't Want to Talk to Reporters About His Racist Newsletters

Ron Paul Suddenly Doesn't Want to Talk to Reporters About His Racist Newsletters

Ron Paul furrowed his eyebrows before storming off completely during a CNN interview addressing allegations that he made money and won fame with the help of a sometimes racist series of newsletters back in the 1990s. Paul is the same candidate that many have said has been ignored by the media  -- some would say, though, he's not -- but since he's been climbing in the polls and suddenly appears to be a real contender in the Republican primary race, the media's turned up the heat. CNN's Gloria Borger was just starting to grill Paul about the details of his involvement in the racist newsletters, when the candidate stonewalled her. "Why don't you go back and look at what I said yesterday on CNN and what I’ve said for 20-something years. 22 years ago?" Paul said right at the outset. "I didn't write them, I disavow them, that's it."

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Borger, like a good journalist, pressed on for a few seconds before urging Paul to react to what people are saying about the two-decade old allegations. "These things are pretty incendiary," Borger said. "Because of people like you," Paul snapped back, just before he pulled off his microphone and headed for the door. "I appreciate your answering the questions, and you understand it's our job to ask them," the reporter said, almost apologetically as Paul was leaving.

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Later, when talking about the incident on air, Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer suggested that Paul "got tired of talking about" the allegations. "He clearly thinks it's irrelevant," Borger told Blitzer. "It’s clearly a question he’d rather not be asked."

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Update: As many of our commenters have pointed out, it could be argued that CNN edited the original video. Some feel that the network sensationalized the situation more than it ought to have. See for yourself in this unedited version, courtesy of Reddit:

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