Roof Collapses After Fire At Two-Family Home In Lowell

Fire caused the roof of a two-family home on Durant Street to collapse. WBZ-TV's Juli McDonald reports.

Video Transcript

- Breaking right off the top here at 6 o'clock a big fire in Lowell. The flames are so intense here that the roof collapsed. This happened along Durant Street this afternoon.

- WBZ's Juli McDonald is live on scene right now where crews are searching for the cause. Juli, what's the latest.

JULI MCDONALD: Well that's right Lisa and David, still a pretty significant fire crew presence here on Durant Street, but things are very much under control here. Take a look, though, at just the damage to the upper half of this home, really significant.

We do want to show you as well some of our video from late this afternoon. Just a short time ago, thick dark smoke was pouring from the [? two-family, ?] that smoke visible from miles away.

Fortunately just one person who was home when the fire started, and that individual did get out safely. Firefighters told WBZ that their crews pulled out from the building at one point because of concerns about that collapse.

A Durrant Street neighbor also described what they watched in terms of the response.

PATTI NEWMAN: It seemed to start in the second floor, at least that's what we could see. There was a huge fire event in the attic, in the rafters. And then they think that some of the fire kind of went down into the basement burning through, but-- but they were able to control it.

JULI MCDONALD: Now the Red Cross here, supporting the people who live in this [? multi-family ?] and were displaced, were also told that a cat got safely out of the building too. More live in Lowell, I'm Juli McDonald, WBZ news.