Roof repairs eyed for 1st Summit Arena

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Aug. 24—EBENSBURG — After what Chairman Chris Glessner described as several "major leaks" in recent months, Cambria County War Memorial Authority is looking for options to continue roof repairs begun in 2019.

During Monday's authority meeting at North Central Recreation Center in Ebensburg members heard a presentation from roofing consultant Bruce Mancini, who laid out four stages to restore the existing roof and save money over replacement.

The total cost is estimated at $1.1 million, with a 30-year warranty.

Mancini said his company's experts examined areas of the roof that were not addressed in 2019 and determined they can be saved. Using infrared cameras, the team determined leakage has not damaged insulation under the rubber roof.

"Where the existing roofs are, we can put a restorative over top of the existing roof and give you a long-term warranty without tearing off the roof," Mancini said. "Because the insulation below them is dry, they are restoration candidates."

Mancini is a field representative for Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance, of Beachwood, Ohio, which is a distributor for the AlphaGuard membrane roof coating system Mancini displayed at the meeting. The two-layer coating adds about 100 mils or about a tenth of an inch of protection to the existing roof, he explained.

Glessner reminded authority members that any work would require the organization to solicit bids and award the project to the lowest responsible bidder. Mancini said his company can help prepare the bid advertisements to assure a quality restoration job.

Tremco oversaw the 2019 roof repairs to three sections of the 1st Summit Arena @ Cambria County War Memorial. The $137,000 project repaired sections over the Stars and Stripes Room, the main entrance area and offices at the front of the building.

The next phases being considered are the roof over the locker rooms area, estimated at $165,000, and offices at the rear of the building, along with the warehouse area nearest Route 56 Expressway. That job is estimated at $142,000.

The main roof above the arena itself would cost about $745,000, but Mancini said that project could be delayed several years by coating the perimeter of that section.

Water from the sloped roof runs into a trough-like area and drains through pipes from there, he said. Most of the leaks come from that perimeter area. Mancini estimated the perimeter repair at $56,000.

Glessner said roof repairs are among several areas of concern at the arena. Restrooms and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system are also ready for improvements.

"We have a list we keep talking about," Glessner said.

He suggested meeting with Cambria County commissioners to prioritize the projects and identify funding sources.